Wednesday, January 28, 2009

How many Italians does it take to change a lightbulb?

Today was nice, Vesuvius had snow on the top of the crater, and the temperature in Naples was 63 degrees. Naples really is beautiful... just don't look at the ground.

But that's not what this entry is about. We have been living in a hotel room for 1 month now. 3 of 7 lights are out in the bathroom and apparently the maids aren't proactive enough to get them fixed. So I called the front desk yesterday and tell them 2 of 5 vanity lights are out, and 1 of 2 overhead lights are out. "OK, we will leave a note for maintenance."

Maintenance puts in a call to Public Works. Public Works writes a work order and sends that to the contractor who changes light bulbs in the Navy Lodge. And today, when we got home from the hospital and the housing office, 2 of the 3 lights were fixed.

By my count that is a minimum of at least 4 Italians to change 2 lights bulbs, or complete 66.6% of the work order. WHO WANTS A GOVERNMENT JOB?



  1. Don't worry with Obama in office, we'll have that same work ethic and socialistic mind set right here in the US. So when you get back to the US from your tour in Italy you will feel like you're still in Italy.

    How's the Knee??? Are you working yet?
    Are you unpacked??? And how's Melissa adapting to Italy??? Can we expect some pictures of the villa and the country side???

    Love Dad & Gwen

  2. Joe, If you get some free time.... or your passing buy on a longer excursion an interesting trip from an engneering point of view might be to Larderello (probably about 250 KM North-North-west of you. The site of the first geothermal generating plant in the world (1904).

    The Navy is into geothermal energy having a significant plant at China Lake in California and has just leased land at Fallon in Nevada to a geothermal developer (Ormat, symbol ORA on the NYSE).

    You can google Larderello for info.. the Larderello plant was destroyed by the Allies during WWII and of course it has been rebuilt... ~100 years of electrical generation with free fuel.

    Love Dad